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Silverex Silveray Spray III is completely filled with silver foam on the inside and also has a silver rod with magnesium balls on the inside. The magnesium balls increase the pH value in the water, facilitate the skin's metabolism and promote blood circulation. The bottle contains 200 ml. Silveray III is particularly suitable for larger areas and primarily has an antibacterial and odor-neutralizing effect.

The effect of our Silverex spray:

- It helps with acne, skin inflammation, wounds, abrasions,                      Sunburn, herpes, insect bites (disinfection, moistening,

  Elimination of skin irritations and allergies).

- It eliminates odors in the air and on surfaces and helps against mites.

- It is good against fungal infections on the skin and athlete's foot.

- It provides relief after shaving, cosmetic procedures - permanent make-up,        an epilation, an enlargement of the lips, a correction of the eyebrows      (elimination of inflammation after procedures).

- It is suitable for dry and rough skin, as well as for removing                cornea.

- It eliminates bad breath and protects and heals the gums.

- It serves as a disinfectant for hands and surfaces every day,                    as well as personal care products (toothbrushes, hairbrushes, etc.).

- It can be used as thermal water (on the plane, on the beach, in the smoking room, in the office with the air conditioning). and after applying the    Make-ups to protect the skin from environmental influences.

- It helps with sensitive children's skin and prevents wounds caused by diapers.

- He reduces sweat under the armpits and feet and kills              microbes.

Safety instructions:

Do not use any liquids other than distilled or still water.

Do not expose the product to long periods of sunlight and avoid extreme temperature differences.

Do not use the spray if you are allergic to silver.


Fill the spray with distilled or still water and you can use it after 10 minutes.It is a natural remedy and therefore does no harm, so you can use it as often as you like. 

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Certificates and test reports PDF

FDA Silveray 3 (2020).jpg
KOTITI pneumonia antibacterial mask test
2020 KTL Silveray-III Silver Ionic Test
Acute oral toxicity
Silveray-III Antivirus Test 2020-1.jpg
KTR Deodorization Test Report.jpg
KTR Silver Spray 3 Report (anti-bacteria
Skin irritation study-Silveray-III.jpg
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