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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I find floating silver foam in the water?

 If a piece of silver foam floats in the water, please empty the solution and refill the spray with filtered water so that it can be used again.

The reason there will be floating pieces of foam is due to the release of silver ions, the structure of the foam decreases over time.


Why is the spray made of plastic?

 Silverex Silveray Sprays are made from shatterproof, recyclable plastic and the expensive ABS material.

Plastic prevents all parts from corroding and more bacteria from forming.

The transparency of the plastic also allows the use of silver foam to be controlled.


Do I need to shake the spray after adding filtered water?

 Please do not shake the spray, this may damage the silver foam. The design of the silver foam already allows the release of silver ions with the clean filtered water.


What temperature should the water be when adding it to the spray?

 Room temperature is ideal.


Is there a limit to the number of sprays per day?

 There is no limit.

Is it suitable for pregnant women?

Yes, for external use only.


Can the silver ion water get into the mouth?

 No problem, but it is not intended for oral use.


How do you know when to replace the spray after reaching the maximum use rate?

 The volume of the silver foam will decrease over time. With daily use, Silveray II and Silveray II Plus are estimated to last approximately 2 years before requiring replacement.

The Silveray III will take more than 2 years to require replacement due to the larger volume of silver foam.

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