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Remove unpleasant odors and disinfect surfaces with our sterilization and moisture spray with double silver foam.

When the tank of the spray is filled with water, the "sponge" creates silver ions and this liquid, protects against infection, strengthens immunity and the condition of the skin is significantly improved. The silver in the form of a sponge has a 6000 times higher contact effect with water than the usual piece of silver in water.

The silver foam and ceramic chip in the stick produce magnesium ions (increases the pH value in the water, the skin's defenses and restores the skin's balance).

Thanks to the concentrated silver, our spray helps against many skin irritations, rashes and acne, and it also has a proven disinfectant effect on skin and surfaces. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Whether odor neutralization, disinfection, sterilization of people, animals and objects, Silverex can help you with everything.

The content of the bottle is 50 ml. The spray can be filled up to 500 times with distilled or drinking water and does not lose its effectiveness! Silveray II Plus is particularly suitable for smaller areas, as well as the body and face, and primarily has an antibacterial and odor-neutralizing effect.


SKU: 102241
  • Silverex Silveray II Plus, antibacterial and disinfecting spray with silver foam, refillable up to 500 times.


    Capacity: 50 ml
    Weight: 70 g
    Size: 160x 33 x 33 mm

  • Free delivery to Germany

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