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The silver in Silverex soap has antibiotic and antiseptic properties and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is skin-friendly by preserving healthy cells and only acting on pathogens. The silver in the soap does not penetrate the skin, but works on the surface itself. The Silverex soap consists of 50 ingredients, mainly coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, green clay, algae, chamomile, vitamins E, but the most important is silver. The product is suitable for the whole family and especially helps with:

• Acne on the face, back, cleavage and arms - soap is particularly effective when used twice a day.

• Unpleasant smells - if used under the armpits, deodorants can be reduced. It can also be used for unpleasant foot odors.

• Shampooing - For short hair that is greasy and flaky, it helps soothe the scalp.

• Skin problems - with various types of eczema, keratoses, some open wounds and anything where bacteria, viruses and fungi are present.

• Intimate hygiene - can be used to wash the intimate area.

• Personal hygiene - suitable for daily personal hygiene.

• Athlete's foot - alone or in combination with athlete's foot creams solves this problem very effectively.

Silverex soap

SKU: 102248
  • Silverex soap, antibacterial and caring soap against acne, blemished skin and redness and for daily personal hygiene

    Weight: 101 g
    Size: 80x55x30 mm


  • Free delivery from 50 €


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