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Enjoy showering with a natural antibiotic without chlorine and bacteria! Take care of your skin and hair by showering with our Silverex shower head and keep your beauty and vitality!

The nozzles are 0.3 mm in size and reduce water consumption by up to 30% when showering. In addition, the water is temporarily dammed through the micro-holes and then comes out of the nozzles quickly, which increases the water pressure and is an excellent solution at low pressure.

The Silverex shower head effectively removes the residue of soap and dirt and also destroys bacteria and microbes from the hair and scalp. Brittle hair and dandruff are reduced, your skin and hair become soft and supple. The shower head helps to support the skin in a clean and healthy appearance. It has a cosmetic influence, is effective against atopic diseases and is also effective against eczema and acne. The Silverex shower head also removes chlorine residues and clears excessive congestion in an organism. It dilates narrow blood vessels to increase blood flow and promote the natural functioning of the human body. In combination with our Silverex soap, it is also excellent against sunburn. The callus can also be removed wonderfully with the silver water, and you can also take a foot bath.

Silverex shower head with 2-fold silver foam

SKU: 102247
  • Silverex shower head with silver ion filter, hand shower with 30% water saving, massage function, suitable for low pressure


    Weight: 269.00 g
    Size: 250 x 80 x 70 mm

  • Free delivery to Germany

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