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Enjoy showering with a natural antibiotic without chlorine and bacteria!

The nozzles are 0.3 mm in size and reduce water consumption by up to 30% when showering. In addition, the water is temporarily dammed through the micro-holes and then comes out of the nozzles quickly, which increases the water pressure and is an excellent solution at low pressure.

The Silverex shower head makes it possible to produce silver-ionized water with every shower. The pure silver foam, which is made from 99.99% silver, has a sponge shape, which increases the contact area by 6000 times. The natural silver with antibacterial influence effectively destroys Colibacillus, Salmonella and other types of harmful bacteria and fungi. The tourmaline ceramic balls in the handle and in the filter of the front nozzle ensure the normalizing acid-base balance of the skin and a deeper penetration of silver ions over a certain period of time. The infrared rays that tourmaline emits penetrate deeply into an organism, activate the metabolism, promote the removal of toxins, relieve pain and restore capillary blood grooves.

Silverex shower head with tourmaline ceramic balls

SKU: 102245
  • Silverex shower head with silver ion filter and tourmaline ceramic balls, hand shower with 30% water saving, massage function, suitable for low pressure


    Weight: 299 g
    Size: 250 x 80 x 70 mm

  • Free delivery to Germany

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