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Take care of your body and skin, eliminate odors, prevent eczema and rashes with our sterilization and moisturizing spray with silver foam and tourmaline ceramic beads


  • If the tank of the spray is filled with water, it protects against infection, strengthens immunity and the condition of the skin is significantly improved.
  • Skin contact penetrate deeply into the skin, eliminate microbes, improve blood circulation and accelerate the renewal of skin cells.
  • Ceramic beads normalize the acid-base balance of the skin and allow silver ions to penetrate deeper over a certain period of time.
  • The infrared rays released by tourmaline penetrate deep into the body, activate the metabolism, stimulate the removal of toxins.



SKU: 102243
  • Silverex Silveray II, antibacterial and nourishing moisture spray with silver foam and tourmaline ceramic balls, refillable up to 500 times.


    Capacity: 50 ml
    Weight: 91 g
    Size: 160 x 33 x 33 mm



  • Free delivery to Germany

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