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Remove unpleasant odors and disinfect surfaces with our sterilization and moisture spray with silver foam and silver rod


  • When the tank of the spray is filled with water, the "sponge" creates silver ions and this liquid protects against infection and strengthens immunity.
  • The silver, which interacts with water, releases ions that penetrate deep into the skin on contact with the skin, eliminating microbes
  • Silveray Spray III is completely filled with silver foam inside and has an additional silver stick with magnesium balls inside.
  • The silver in the form of a sponge has a 6000 times higher contact effect with water than the usual piece of silver in water.
  • The magnesium balls increase the pH value in the water, facilitate the metabolism of the skin and promote blood circulation.


SKU: 102244
  • Silverex III, antibacterial and disinfecting spray with silver foam for body and surfaces, refillable up to 500 times


    Capacity: 200 ml
    Weight: 70 g
    Size: 253 x 56 x 56 mm


  • Free delivery to Germany

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