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Silverex shower head with double silver foam

Enjoy showering with a natural antibiotic without chlorine and bacteria! Take care of your skin and hair by showering with our Silverex shower head and preserve your beauty and vitality!

Silverex shower head with silver ion filter, hand shower with 30% water savings, massage function, suitable for low pressure

The sterilizing properties of silver have been undeniable for hundreds of years. Thanks to today's technology, we have perfected it in the form of a SILVER FOAM. All bacterial tests of our products show incredible sterilization power, preventing the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. There are less than a few natural remedies in the world that have this power and SILVER IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST! Take care of your skin and hair by showering with our Silverex shower head and preserve your beauty and vitality! The silver-enriched water created when showering is a real source of sterilization thanks to the silver magnified 6,000 times, creating a larger contact surface. The Silverex shower head offers a combination of two advantages. First, it removes chlorine, which is known to age, dry out, and damage skin, and significantly affects your respiratory system, lungs, and other important body parts. Secondly, it uses a patented silver foam technology that creates a silver ionic environment that prevents bacteria from forming in the shower head, thus preventing a bacterial threat to you and your family. Silver ions also stay on your skin and fight external bacterial attacks.


Effect of the Silverex shower head:

The Silverex shower head effectively removes the remains of soap and dirt and also destroys bacteria and microbes from the hair and scalp. Brittle hair and dandruff are reduced, your skin and hair become soft and supple. The showerhead helps keep the skin looking clean and healthy. It has a cosmetic effect, is effective against atopic diseases and is also effective against eczema and acne. Silverex shower head also removes chlorine residues and clears excessive congestion in an organism. It dilates narrow blood vessels to increase blood flow and promote the natural function of the human body. In combination with our Silverex soap it is also excellent against sunburn. The silver water can also be used to remove calluses wonderfully; you can also take a foot bath.

What are the benefits of silver?

1. Long influence - The antibacterial influence lasts due to a lack of                  evaporation over a long period of time.

2. Silver is harmless and has no smell, it has good properties even on sensitive skin.       no harmful influences.

3. It does not change the water purity or water content. When warm             Water does not change the properties and at the same time retains the                   antibacterial effect.

4. Silver provides a stronger antibacterial effect as a result of oxidation and       destroys all types of bacteria.

In the upper part of the shower head and in the handle there are a small and a large filter with silver foam, which ionizes and disinfects silver while showering. Due to the amount of silver, this shower head has a much higher disinfectant power than our ceramic ball shower head from Silverex. There are also some tourmaline ceramic balls at the front of the front nozzle. These combine the health benefits of far-infrared molecules with the amazing filter properties of ceramic. You  filter out anything harmful, including lead, chromium and other heavy metals, and help the water feel softer. In combination with the silver foam, they kill bacteria, absorb impurities in the water supply and maintain a stable pH value, making your skin and hair healthy, soft and supple.

This shower head contains twice as much patented silver foam as the shower head with tourmaline ceramic balls. 2 filters have silver foam, the third small filter also has tourmaline ceramic balls. They prepare the skin for deeper penetration of the silver ions. The smaller the ceramic balls are, the more effective they are. They enrich the water with unique properties.

Safety instructions:

Do not put pressure on the shower head or disassemble it.

If you experience any discomfort, stop using it.

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