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Silverex Silveray 2

Silveray II

Nourish your body and skin, eliminate odors, prevent eczema and rashes with our sterilizing and moisturizing spray with silver foam and tourmaline ceramic beads.


Silverex Silveray Spray 2 plus

Silveray IIplus

Remove unpleasant odors and disinfect surfaces with our dual silver foam sterilizing and moisturizing spray.


Silverex Silveray Spray III

Silveray III

Remove unpleasant odors and disinfect surfaces with our sterilization and moisturizing spray with silver foam and silver wand.


Silverex shower

Silverex shower head

Save up to 30% water and enjoy showering with a natural antibiotic without chlorine and bacteria! The 0.4 mm nozzles promise you a fantastic shower experience! 

Silverex Humidifier BAT

Silverex humidifier

This humidifier requires no cleaning due to the sterilizing power of the strong 99.99% sterling silver foam and promotes the health of your family.

Silver Soap BAT

Silverex soap

Fight acne and redness with our antibacterial soap with silver and 50 ingredients, the main ingredients are coconut oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, green clay, seaweed, chamomile, vitamins E, but the most important ingredient is silver.


The sterilizing properties of silver have been undeniable for hundreds of years. Thanks to today's technology, we have perfected it in the form of a SILVER FOAM. All bacterial tests of our products show incredible sterilization power, preventing the growth and spread of harmful bacteria. There are less than a few natural remedies in the world that have this power and SILVER IS ONE OF THE STRONGEST! The silver in Silverex products has been proven to destroy more than 650 types of bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi. The strength of all Silverex products lies in the speed made possible by the high technology of ionic silver. Penetration into the cells of the organism occurs quickly and invisibly, thanks to the size of the silver particles, which achieve the almost impossible. Take care of your skin and hair by using our Silverex products and preserve your beauty and vitality!

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